Writing Creative Copy

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As the year powers by, we are often left wondering where all our time went, what we’ve achieved and how we are going to find time to do this, that & the other.

The same goes for writing fantastic, compelling and engaging content… you have a spark of inspiration, then life gets in the way & by the time you sit down to write that amazing piece of copy… it’s gone!

Here are my 5 top tips for ensuring that brilliant idea turns into something more:

  1. Carry a note book and write down your ideas & inspirations
  1. Always have your customer avatar, audience or ideal client in mind
  1. If you feel inspired to write, make space & jot down some key points
  1. Write from the heart and let your intuition guide you
  1. Write your piece, leave some space, then come back & revise/ edit to achieve the best result

Happy WRITING!!!

If you’re looking for writing inspiration join the amazing Sally A Bain and I this Friday at 2 Hours to Creative Content for Social Success: A Writing Workshop at the fabulousBarzaari in Marrickville.