Red Jasper Pendant – Light Pyramid (Large)


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A beautiful handcrafted Sterling Silver and crystal pendant bringing strong galactic energy and divine light through for the highest good of humanity.

A true statement piece of Art Jewellery that will turn heads wherever you go.

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This high vibe Red Jasper Pendant is handcrafted in Sterling Silver and set to highlight the stunning natural beauty of the Red Jasper crystal.  The back of the pendant has been left open to allow the natural healing energy of the crystal to flow through to the wearer.  This stunning pendant is perfect for all occasions and as a piece of art jewellery it’s a true statement piece that will always be in fashion.  No two crystals or pendants are the same, so you’ll love the uniqueness of this Red Jasper Pendant for years to come.

Red Jasper – aids in vitality, physical strength, stabilisation of energies, stimulates Base Chakra & supports the rising of the Kundalini Energy

This stone is said to increase the amount of chi (life force) within one’s energetic field.  Red Jasper strengthens the Base (Root) Chakra and deepens one’s connection to the Earth.  It enhances endurance and stamina, improves memory of dreams and helps stabilise energy.  It aids in releasing negative thoughts, feelings and emotions in relation to negative sexual or emotional experiences.  Carrying or wearing Red Jasper brings a balanced, down to Earth energy to the wearer and over time brings gains that can be long lasting.

Sterling Silver – associated with the Moon Goddesses and Lunar Energies

Silver acts as a mirror to the soul bringing the wearer into tune with the natural flow and vibration of the universe.  Silver brings calm, balance and attunes the wearer with the watery energy of the moon.

Red Jasper Pendant – Crystal Selection

Each crystal used to create our amazing art jewellery is individually selected using intuitive energy reading.  If the natural vibration of the crystal is of a high enough frequency we then inspect the crystal for flaws and only choose high quality crystals with great structure.  Crystals by nature have inclusions and each one is unique with different characteristics, therefore your ‘Light Pyramid’ will always have its own unique qualities and the internal inclusions will be exclusive to your piece of Art Jewellery.  Our ‘Light Pyramids’ are set in Sterling Silver, which is ruled by the moon and represents magic, healing energy and intuitive energy.

Caring for your Jewellery

We hand select each and every crystal, stone and material that is used to create our jewellery. You can keep it looking like new by avoiding bumping or scratching it. Jewellery should be removed before sleeping, showering, swimming or playing sport.  Crystals are delicate and should be treated with great care. You should avoid contact with perfume, lotions, chlorine, sweat and cleaning solutions and avoid soaking your crystal in any kind of jewellery cleaner or water. The best way to clean your crystal jewellery is by using a damp cloth and patting dry with a soft dry cloth.  More information is available in our Care Instructions.

Additional information


Approximately 4cm x 4cm x 4cm high

Crystal System:

Trigonal – protective stones that focus and anchor energy.


Each of these pendants is unique in nature, due to the varying size, shape and characteristics of the crystal stones used in the design.

Channelled Message:

Each pendant is shipped with a short energetically channelled message for the recipient.

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