The Andromeda Collection

The Andromeda Collection is our first Earth Jewellery range with strong galactic energy and divine light channelled to serve the highest good for humanity.  This collection has been 3 years in the making with the first channelled messages and light frequency for our ‘Light Pyramids’ received in early 2014.  Since then we’ve been bringing through higher galactic frequencies to ensure this crystal jewellery was ready to up level the frequency of our planet and the collective was ready to receive it.  It is our great pleasure to launch the first handcrafted, high frequency ‘Light Pyramids’ from our Andromeda Collection.

Each crystal used to create our amazing art jewellery is individually selected using intuitive energy reading.  If the natural vibration of the crystal is of a high enough frequency we then inspect the crystal for flaws and only choose high quality crystals with great structure.  Crystals by nature have inclusions and each one is unique with different characteristics, therefore your ‘Light Pyramid’ will always have its own unique qualities and the internal inclusions will be exclusive to your piece of Art Jewellery.  Our ‘Light Pyramids’ are set in Sterling Silver, which is ruled by the moon and represents magic, healing energy and intuitive energy.

To ensure the highest energetic integrity of our art jewellery we clear and balance our crystals, metals and materials throughout the production process to ensure we create amazing jewellery for the soul that is vibrating at the highest natural vibrational healing frequency.

We know you’ll love your ‘Light Pyramid’ and the beautiful energy transmitted to serve your highest good and purpose.

Each ‘Light Pyramid’ comes with a unique channelled message, that will be channelled prior to dispatch of your purchase and included with your art jewellery.

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