Intuitive Business

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At Golden Light Designs we believe everything in business should be conducted at the highest vibration possible, with ’divine intention and integrity that compliments and assists universal healing. We work hard to ensure all our products and services maintain and build upon a strong intuitive, energetic and healing vibrations. We offer a range of services for heart and soul centred entrepreneurs, savvy business owners and individuals looking to have a positive impact on humanity and mother earth.


Communications and Marketing

Communicating clearly with clairity, identifying your audience and target market, using language that resonates with your tribe, balancing your professional and personal story, developing your elevator pitch, speaking your truth, harnessing your passion for others to see and effectively engaging your audience will help ensure your business success, abundance, happiness and ongoing service to your tribe. Our communication & marketing offering includes website development, content marketing, copywriting, brand development and social media marketing. We take a holistic approach to marketing and communications, channelling messages to align and ground your business energy, and are specialists in assisting heart & soul centred business owners navigate, expand and succeed in this area of their business.

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Having a SEO optimised website to create a great online presence is important to your ongoing business success, helps you build your brand and allows you to create a strong sales funnel to ensure revenue streams are maximised. We use professional web developers who are technical experts and partner with our content and copy writers to ensure you get a premium website solution tailored to your specific needs.

We work hard to ensure you end up with an amazing website that clearly tells your story, contains SEO optimised content, speaks to your tribe and has positive energy channelled into it to help ensure your success.

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Energy and Crystals

Running a heart and soul centred business means it is imperative to ensure the energy, intention and flow for your business is grounded in Divine love and light. We work closely with business owners to ensure physical, energetic and online business spaces are clear, free from blocks, light filled, attracting abundance and allowing positive energy to flow. We work with individuals to identify and recommend crystals for energy clearing, improving health, manifesting abundance, creating happiness, providing strength, improving clarity and raising the vibration of the individual and their surroundings.

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Mentoring and Coaching

We offer a variety of Mentoring and Coaching packages tailored to heart & soul centred business owners and those looking to take the next step in their career. Our focus is on integrating great ideas with intuitive business practices to generate the flow and abundance required to succeed as a heart and soul centred business. All our programs are designed to transform, create growth and help our clients achieve success. Our passion is helping heart centred entrepreneurs establish, reinvent and expand their business or career, achieve their dreams, reach their goals and manifest success.

Our strength in channelled communications, intuitive business and energy work, accompanied by our extensive business experience means we ca partner with you to reach new limits, drive success and attain your goals.

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Speaking Engagements

Jo is a professional speaker with a wealth of experience, knowledge and perspective to share at your retreat, workshop, conference or event. She is a thought leader in the Intuitive Business space, a talented designer and exceptional writer. She has inspiring anecdotes, creative insights and deep wisdom to share that will ignite passion and inspire people to follow their dreams, listen to their heart and step up into their truth. If this resonates with you and you believe serendipity is at play, enquire today about the possibility of Jo speaking at your event.

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