Crystals for Life, Well-being & Happiness

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Crystals for life, well-being & happiness help support the process of healing and help bring the mind, body, spirit and emotions back into balance and harmony.  They assist us to heal ourselves on an emotional, energetic and physical level by bridging the gap between one level of consciousness and the next.  If you need to change something in your life, crystals will assist you to raise your vibration, clear blocks, refocus and intuitively access your higher level of awareness.

Crystals for Life

If you’re new to crystals and would like to bring them into your life, then a good way to start is by creating a special area in your home for your crystals.  Dedicate this space as a sacred space where you can appreciate the beauty of your crystals, connect to your spiritual side and meditate.  If you’re not sure which crystals you need, ask your intuition to guide you in finding the right crystals.  A couple of the essentials are Rose Quartz for unconditional love, Clear Quartz for healing and Lapis Lazuli for communication.

Crystals for Well-being

Taking a holistic approach to wellness is an important part of achieving a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  Crystals combined with meditation, mindfulness, essential oils, an organic diet and low-tox living can improve our overall well-being.  Pure essential oils such as Lemon which promotes positivity and Frankincense which enhances feelings of relaxation are wonderful in supporting well-being. If you’re interested in living a low-tox life then Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life is the person to follow.   She has some amazing tips on healthier lifestyle choices for you & the planet across mind, body, food and the home.  Crystals that support our ever changing lives include Agate, which is a master healer, provides strength and helps dissolve inner tension; and Red Jasper the stone of strength, vitality and protection.

Crystals for Happiness

There are a number of crystals that uplift the soul, ease anxiety and heal.  Again it’s important to select crystals intuitively so that you end up with crystals that are right for you at this moment in time.  Rutilated Quartz is beautiful and a powerful healer that encourages you to believe in yourself, expand your awareness and become inspired.  Labradorite with its striking colours, teaches us that the universe is abundant and waiting for us, we can rise above our challenges and we can achieve self-mastery.  Examples of other uplifting crystals include Agate, Citrine, Carnelian and Tiger Eye.