About Us

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Golden Light Designs is a business founded on the principles of divine energy and intuitive business practices. We believe that taking an intuitive, spiritual and heart centred approach to all aspects of our business will bring abundance, joy and happiness to ourselves, our clients and humanity as a whole. Our art jewellery is designed intuitively to bring through divine light energy that both its wearer and the earth needs at this time. We use only genuine, quality crystals and materials that undergo a full energy clearing and divine light recharge throughout the production process. All our intuitive business solutions are created with the highest intentions, integrity and energy to help ensure positive outcomes for clients.

We are an intuitive business dedicated to channelling divine light energy and communications messages to create bespoke art jewellery designs and intuitive business solutions. The principles of positivity, The Law of Attraction, divine light energy, energetic healing and intuitive business practices underpin the work we do on this earth. By harnessing the healing powers of crystals, minerals, precious metals, semi-precious stones, upcycling materials and using other sustainable natural materials in our jewellery and accessories we aim to create beautiful earth friendly jewellery that helps raise the vibration of the planet. Our intuitive business practices use channelled messages to bring through guidance and wisdom for our clients, using the natural positive vibrational energy of the universe to support this and help create abundance and success for all our wonderful clients.


We design and manufacture bespoke art jewellery using precious metals, crystals, semiprecious stones, upcycled and sustainable natural materials. We create both commission and collection pieces for those who love and appreciate the healing power of crystals. If you’re on your soul journey, you’re probably drawn to certain crystals and our soul jewellery and chakra jewellery has been designed specifically for this purpose. All our amazing art jewellery pieces are created at the highest vibration in divine light and love, ensuring they are fully charged at their natural healing vibration when shipped to you.


Crystals have been admired for centuries for their beauty, vibrational healing energy, ability to empower, energy activation and power to create balance and harmony. Many people are drawn to crystals without understanding why and this in itself is testament to their power to create positive change and heal. We hand select only the finest crystals, clear and balance each crystal and infuse them with love and divine light prior to dispatch to our clients. This ensures each crystal is returned to its natural healing vibration and filled with the intention to promote abundance, harmony, wellbeing and joy in the life of its wearer.

Intuition is one of our greatest gifts and most powerful business assets. As Intuitive Business and Communications Specialists we tune into our intuition to ensure success for our clients. We understand the challenges of running a business, reaching your target market and creating the right story for your brand. This is what sets us apart from our counterparts and provides our clients with competitive advantage in their soul centred businesses. We work with you as a collaborative partner, channelling communication messages and creating the energy of success around your business communications.

We have a flare for writing awesome copy, running strategic social media campaigns and creating great websites. Our writing includes creative copy for LinkedIn, Instagram, blogs, tweets and Facebook posts, web pages, online & print media ads, brochures, media releases, postcards, public announcements, promotional e-mails, surveys, CVs, cover letters and interviews. We also create video content for training, promotion and blogs.

Our philosophy is simple, as the world continues to move through major transitions and shifts, on an energetic level Golden Light Designs is working to bring as much light energy, healing and divine love into the world as possible. This work helps raise the vibration of the planet, ground light energy into the earth and bring more peace and harmony to our global community. All our products and services are developed to ensure we maintain the highest level of energetic integrity, anchor divine light and bring more harmony worldwide.

We are dedicated to creating earth friendly, Art Jewellery and accessories that At Golden Light Designs our mission is to help bring light energy and love to all corners of the globe. Whether you purchase one of our bespoke light filled pieces of jewellery or are a budding entrepreneur looking to grow a heart and soul centred business we are here to help ensure your success on an energetic, business and personal level.