5 reasons to work for yourself…

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Should I work for myself? Can I make my venture successful?  Should I take that leap of faith?  These are the questions many of us ask when thinking about going into business for ourselves.  Well read on for 5 great reasons to work for yourself…

1.    No More Going to the Office 

Just imaging not having to go to the ‘office’… when you work for yourself you get to choose what your working arrangement looks like.  For example you might have a home office, work whilst having a coffee in a local café, set up a studio or factory and operate to suit your lifestyle.  I often do my best work sitting in my local café enjoying a hot chocolate & watching the world go by in between ‘creative ideas’…

2. Flexible Working Hours

You get to choose your own hours, how many hours you work, when you work them and how you work.  I get my best work done at 4am while everyone is still sleeping!

3. Be Your Own Boss

You get to be as creative, innovative and autonomous as you like.  You can showcase your skills and talents and build your skills and experience as you go!

4. Set Your Own Income

Traditionally employers set your income, but working for yourself means that you can work as hard or as little as you like and in effect define what your income will be!!!

5. Create The Perfect Work-Life Balance

What a lot of people would refer to as nirvana… WORK-LIFE BALANCE! Becoming your own boss means you can determine how much time you spend with family, on leisure pursuits, travelling and doing the things you love.  Remember creating Work-life balance no matter what you do for a job is important for your physical, mental, and spiritual health!